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  • LAUT NATURAL - shirlenehsm


    Fast delivery. Received within 2 days. Chemical free. Nice Lemongrass scent. Lotion is very moisturising. No oily feel. Highly recommended. 👍🏻

    Shopee Review

    Super swift delivery. Seller takes pride in packaging. This is great for Christmas. The lemongrass scent stays long, doesnt smell like insect repellant. You dont need to pump alot. Would definitely recommend and buy again.

    Shopee Review
  • LAUT NATURAL - Chen Xiang Jun

    Chen Xiang Jun

    Bought the Magnolia Body Wash. It is packed so beautifully, it feels like I am unwrapping a present. The body wash is not those foaming type so I use a little more. It leaves a pleasant scent on the skin and makes me feel pampered after use. It is a suitable idea for gifts to friends as well.

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  • LAUT NATURAL - Cynthia Khoo

    Cynthia Khoo

    Laut Magnolia body wash has little lather. Feels clean and smooth after shower. The Magnolia body lotion has mild fragrance and not oily. Very good. Would recommend friends to buy.

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  • LAUT NATURAL - Antony Vijayasekaran

    Antony Vijayasekaran

    Thank you Laut Natural. Our family loved the Virigin Coconut Oil it did magic on my skin and hair after 2 to 3 weeks of usage, it's very gentle indeed. Highly recommended one, thank you very much.

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  • Ajeng Natalia

    Natural products. Try their sunblock, it has SPF 50, easy absorb and not greasy. The other product Definitely is their coconut oil. You can use it for your make up remover and for your hair also.

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