Bali Balance Body Lotion Bliss

Our Bali Balance Body Lotion is a high quality, super absorbent hydrating lotion. Made ethically with love without artificial fragrance and breathable formula that somehow soaks in instantly. No grease, no residue, ready to go after application.

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  • Laut Natural - Simone Rogers

    Simone Rogers

    Without a doubt my favorite retail shop on the island. I am never without my Bliss Body Wash and Body Lotion, NEVER! My friends now know to expect gifts from BB as it is such a great stop for getting gifts for both men and women. Love the scented candles, incense and essential oils. The 50+ sunblock is the best available.

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  • Laut Natural - Ajeng Natalia

    Ajeng Natalia

    Natural products. Try their sunblock, it has SPF 50, easy absorb and not greasy. The other product Definitely is their coconut oil. You can use it for your make up remover and for your hair also.

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  • Laut Natural - Tamanna Villa

    Tamanna Villa

    We offer our guests bath products from Bali Balance which are made in Bali with organic essential oils and the highest quality ingredients. The products are free from chemicals, no palm oil and no animal testing.

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